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C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide

C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide



C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide

See also: C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide

Authors Jarrod Hollingworth, Dan Butterfield, Bob Swart,
Jamie Allsop et. al
Publisher SAMS
ISBN 0672319721
Publication Date 8th December 2000
  Also available in Polish, Russian and Simplified Chinese (see cover images below).
 Reader Ratings Average rating 4.6 out of 5 stars on Rated 19 times on major book web sites including 13 x 5-star ratings and 4 x 4-star ratings.

Errata and PDF File Patch

The errata for the book (corrections to the text and sample code) is available on the C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide Errata page.

The PDF file patch will upgrade the original PDF file to include most of the errata; it also adds a clickable table of contents (bookmarks) pane and dual page numbering (PDF file page numbering and book page numbering). To apply the patch follow these steps:

  1. Download the PDF patch (13.8MB zip).
  2. Extract the .exe program.
  3. Run the PDF patch program BCPPB5DG_Patch.exe and follow the instructions.

Please Note: The PDF patch is for readers who purchased the book from the first batch printing only. To determine if you have a first batch printing use Windows Explorer to browse to the PDF file in the EBook folder on the CD-ROM. Right-click on the BCPPB5_Book.pdf file and select Properties. The first batch printing PDF file has a file size of 14,117,155 bytes. The updated PDF file in the second and subsequent batch printings have a PDF file size of 16,013,399 bytes.


C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide is now available. Written by 35 authors from around the world, including Jarrod Hollingworth - Director of Backslash, this book is the most comprehensive C++Builder book available.


This book can be ordered from the following online bookstores. It is also available from your major local bookstore.

Note: RRP=US$59.99. All prices current at 27-Aug-2002. Check the stores for current pricing.

C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide
Amazon US
Amazon US
(30% off RRP)
Amazon UK
Amazon UK
(15% off RRP)
(20% off RRP)

More Information

This book was created to fill the gaps in several areas of programming with C++Builder, and to provide content on many of the new features in C++Builder 5. It is aimed mostly at intermediate and advanced programmers, though several beginner chapters are included and many chapters contain lead-in information to get you up to speed. In total there are over 1760 pages of raw content! (1175 in print and 587 on the CD-ROM)

In particular, we have covered essential topics that are not well covered in other C++Builder publications. These include: programming conventions, the Standard Template Library (STL/SCL), advanced exception handling, user interface principles and techniques, program speed optimization, basic and advanced debugging, detailed information on creating custom components (over 250 pages), basic communications programming, working with DLL's and plug-ins, detailed COM/DCOM/COM+ and MIDAS information, integration with Microsoft Office, on-screen and printed data presentation, the Win32 API (over 100 pages), multimedia techniques such as playing video and audio files and image processing, OpenGL programming, creating help files, and distributing and installing your applications.

Additionally, chapter 30 contains many tips, tricks and how-tos by presenting specific techniques such as implementing splash screens, ensuring that only one copy of your application can be run, drag and drop operations, screen capture, using tree-views, basic NT services, basic cryptography and more.

The appendix lists the best C++Builder resources, including web sites, discussion lists, newsgroups, books and magazines, and tells you where to go to learn more about programming with C++Builder.

In order to include as much information as possible, unnecessary code listings and screenshots have been minimized. All code is provided on the CD-ROM.

Applicability for this book:

C++Builder Version Applicability
C++Builder 5 Enterprise 100%
C++Builder 5 Professional 94%
C++Builder 5 Standard 77%
C++Builder 4 Enterprise 84%
C++Builder 4 Professional 79%

Cover Images


Polish Volume 1

Polish Volume 2

Simplified Chinese

Russian Volume 1

Russian Volume 2

Preview: The full 52-page Chapter 3, "Programming in C++Builder", can be viewed online from the web site in addition to the full table of contents and index (see Excerpt in the "Look Inside This Book" section).

Recent News

August 28, 2002

Added links to the errata and PDF file patch.

January 30, 2001

Read the full Chapter 3, "Programming in C++Builder", of C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide online for free!

January 5, 2001 have increased their discount on the C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide to 18%.

December 20, 2000 have increased their discount on the C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide to 16%.

December 8, 2000

The C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide was officially published today. It will be available in major bookstores in the US and Europe over the next two weeks (and in late January in Australia), and is shipping from the major online bookstores listed above.

November 10, 2000

The C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide is finally complete. After 12 months of writing and origanizing the book has started printing and will be shipping within 2 weeks. The fastest way to get your hands on a copy is to order from one of the major online book retailers. Click on any of the links at the top of the page to take you straight there.

October 27, 2000

All edited and reviewed submissions for the C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide book have been received. Well done to all involved!

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